Vantage Customs Services

Vantage Customs Services

Vantage Customs Services have been providing quality customs clearance to our clients for over 37 years.

We can provide assistance and advice with all customs and quarantine issues relating to the importing of goods into Australia.

Specialising in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, motor vehicles, bicycles, kitchenware, furniture and all general cargo.

The expertise of our professional staff equates to over 100 years of experience. A small family owned business, which means you will be given personal service and attention.

Our Brokers are well established, fully accredited and licensed. Staying up to date with legislation by attending CBFCA conferences and seminars. Your shipments are cleared in a timely and professional manner.

Vantage Customs Services are able to work with your existing Freight Forwarder OR Provide Freight Forwarding services through Vantage Freight Services Pty Ltd. Using a dedicated Customs Broker can help you to comply with Customs and Quarantine regulations.

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