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Vantage Car side view clear background

The Radical Race car that David drives is the SR3 model and is a 2 seater race car. This car is the closest thing you can get to the experience of a Formula 1.


In March 2014 we were invited to be part of the Real Institutes Corporate Day.

Their clients enjoyed the experience, as did we.

Please visit their website for more information:

Real Institute Corporate Day March 2014

It is only February as Radical Australia has already been to Bathurst. This year there were 25 entrants in round 1 of the Radical Australia Cup at Mount Panorama.


This year has been a huge year on the race circuit with Vantage Racing being able to participate in the Radical Australia Cup at Phillip Island, Wakefield and Eastern Creek.

David’s lap times are always improving and we are looking forward to seeing his progress next year.

December 2013  was another great opportunity to take our guests out for a spin around the track with Radical Australia and The Formula Company hosting a Gala Day at Eastern Creek.

Vantage Racing will be back in 2014 and in February we will be up at Bathurst!!


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